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Gobuy.click provides a simple e-commerce solution to support your business to go online, no online shop is needed.

One Page Checkout
It's easy for your customers to complete the shopping process from reading your product info to checkout within one page.
Discount Promotion
You can create different promotional campaigns by customizing discount percentage off to attract customers.
Limited time offer
A time countdown in checkout page to increase customers' urgency to purchase.
Popular Payment Gateways
We support Faster Payment System (FPS) and have connected with major payment gateways "PayPal" and "Stripe", to make payments simpler and faster.
Immediate email notification
Merchants will receive an email reminder when customers confirm purchase.
One-click billing
Merchants can generate and print invoice with just one-click at "Sales management" application once an order has been made.
Flexible shipping charge
High flexibility for merchants to set shipping charge, either fixed delivery charge or delivery charge by product. Free shipping over a certain amount can also be added.

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